Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Koch Derangement Syndrome makes liberals look stupid

I've seen a lot of people who ought to know better make themselves look really, really stupid by bringing up the Koch brothers. This liberal's laugh-out-loud silly. Most of the available billionaires give money to the Democrats/liberals. What, they can't let the conservative five eighths of the country have one?

If you weigh all the money that George Soros alone has given to the left, it makes the Kochs' donations look like chump change.

My husband suggests that it's like collecting stamp; you want every last one. If you're missing that one stamp, it becomes the most important one in the world. So the fact that the Kochs don't donate to liberal causes like they're supposed to really ruins the set.

There ought to be a new rule, like Godwin's Rule, where the first person to bring up the Nazis loses. But instead it's the rule that anybody who mentions the Kochs is thereby marked for life as an ignorant, paranoid troll--we'll call it "Reich's Rule". Because even though Robert Reich is an idiot, when it comes to the Kochs, the level of his analysis drops to some negative sub-basement, where there has been no sunshine in decades.

I have a hard time imagining what is going on in these peoples' heads. It certainly is nothing resembling rational thought. Sigh. Of course, I realize more and more as time goes on that most people never ever do think--and yet aren't even aware of it. They spout back things they've heard elsewhere, they make appeals to authority, ad hominem attacks, sarcastic innuendo, wishful thinking, personal anecdotes...and they believe that they're thinking.


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